Expertise without the cost


If you are after deep specialists at a fraction of the price, you've come to the right place.

We are conveyancers with masters qualifications.  

Property and business transactions can cost you both time and money if not done correctly the first time.  We will do it once and do it right for you.  

And we'll do it with your best interests at heart.


Hassle-free conveyancing for our clients

Anthony W
It was really a pleasure working with you and your excellent service "

Bridget H
" Fantastic!! Thanks for the great news and for all your help throughout the process! "

Ben, Bank of Melbourne
" Yeah!!!!! Thanks Yumi!!! Thanks for all your hard work, we should have a glass of champagne to celebrate, let me know next time you in our branch, my treat for lunch or coffee."

Our best and brightest

Yumi Bai

Yumi is responsible for overseeing all conveyancing transactions. She is highly experienced and has managed over 1,000 property settlements. 

Yumi is fluent in english, mandarin and cantonese.

She holds a Masters of Applied Finance and Bachelor of Business from Monash University, as well as a Diploma of Conveyancing from Real Estate Institute of Victoria.

LL name tag.PNG

Lawrence is a director of Wealthsource Conveyancing.  His primary role is to lead the finance and strategy of the business.  He has spent time working in banking and brings financial expertise to the business.


Jorden is the founder of Wealthsource Conveyancing.  Her main role is to oversee the strategy of the business and to ensure the continued growth of the organisation.

Ronald Yim
Conveyancing Clerk

Ronald joined us in 2019 and is fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

He holds a Masters of Public Policy and Management from the University of Melbourne and Bachelor of Social Science from City University of Hong Kong.