Our conveyancing service for selling or purchasing a business

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Step 1: Determine the type of business

  • Not all conveyancers are licensed to assist on the sale or purchase of businesses. To see if your conveyancer is qualified and licensed to provide these services, visit the Consumer Affairs Victoria public register.

  • We are licensed conveyancers qualified to assist you on the transfer of ownership when you sell or purchase a business.

  • Our conveyancing services include a free initial discussion to determine what type of business is involved. From our experience, these may be franchises, standalone businesses or businesses with specific licenses.

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Step 2: Tell us about your specific situation

  • We will arrange an initial discussion with you to understand your specific situation. We will want to understand the involvement of any banks, franchisers, regulators, inclusions or exclusions (such as plant and equipment), the current ownership structure, details about the counterparty and basic tax status information.

  • Our conveyancing services include a free initial discussion where we will be able to provide you with initial advice. From this discussion, we will be able to determine the parties who will need to be involved in your title transfer.

  • At this point we will be able to provide you with a quote for our conveyancing services fee.

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Step 3: Prepare paperwork for the sale or purchase

  • We may have further documentation and information which we require from you. Following our initial phone call, we may request further documentation such as tax or accounting information, licensing agreements or leases.

  • Our conveyancing services include coordinating information between the counterparty, banks, government departments, council, and utilities providers (such as water, electricity and gas services).

  • We will keep you informed along the way, but you can rest assured that we will take care of this entire process for you.

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Step 4: Finalise and effect the business sale or purchase

  • The final step is lodgement of documentation.

  • Once the documentation for business sale or purchase is submitted and all parties are happy, the paperwork is stamped, and any funds are released. We will advise you when the title transfer is complete.

  • Our conveyancing services include setting up and arranging all lodgement documentation on your behalf. We will take care of the entire process to ensure that the title is transferred as smoothly as possible.

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Our personalised conveyancing service for selling or purchasing a business

Highly qualified

We are licensed conveyancers with masters level qualifications.  So when you engage us you get extensive expertise without the usual cost.

We have settled many business transactions since 2011 and we will be able to share our experience with you to help you avoid costly mistakes.

Highly experienced

Since 2011, we have settled over 1,000 residential, commercial and business transactions for our clients.  From our experience, we know it's important to get things right the first time.  We know how to protect you from unnecessary hassles, delays and additional costs.

Fixed and all inclusive fees

We believe in transparent pricing with no surprises at the end.  Our quotes are fixed and final.  Our quotes include GST and all associated disbursements.  You won't receive any unpleasant fee surprises from us.

We are multilingual

We are fluent in 4 languages.  We have you covered no matter which language you speak. Even if you don't need us to be multilingual, it helps with dealing with your counterparties. We are able to converse fluently and get the right outcomes for you.   

Fixed fee conveyancing - selling or purchasing a business

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We pride ourselves on being transparent with our clients. Once we provide you with a quote, our fees are final and include all disbursements and GST.  We will take care of the entire conveyancing process with no hidden charges.

We will need to speak with you first about your specific situation before we can advise you of our fees. The costs of selling or purchasing a business depends on many factors including any potential licensing, number of parties involved, franchising, leasing or equipment which may be involved in the transaction. Once we understand your specific situation, we will be able to give you a fixed price quote for the sale or purchase of your business.

Please contact us for a free initial discussion and conveyancing quote if you are contemplating selling or buying a business.